#13: Spencer Honeyman — Rhythm, Music and Holding Space for the Invisible

Episode description and synopsis

There is much that happens in teams, relationships and our lives that words simply cannot touch. There is much that we experience in our lives that without alternative tools to touch, we remain distant to and fragmented by.

Join me in this rich dialogue with Spencer Honeyman as we explore the necessity of rhythm, music, improv-theatre and other creative practices to give voice to the transpersonal and invisible dimensions of leadership and culture. We explore the “subtle energy competency” within leadership as the ability to attune to the somatics and collective intelligence in a room. 

This one is most definitely for those who find themselves in leadership roles, or simply fascinated by the art of facilitating spaces for collaborative and collective flourishing. 

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Guest bio

Spencer is an executive coach, group facilitator, and consultant committed to helping to bring about an innovative Earth society that works for all. He is a graduate Pomona college’s interdisciplinary Environmental Analysis program and is a Certified Integral Facilitator.

Spencer has studied in-depth with master facilitators Thomas Hubl &  Diane Hamilton in the subjects human development, group dynamics, and improvisation. He has over a decade of practice in Shadow yoga & Tibetan meditation practice and he is a musician trained in the Art of Circlesinging in the lineage of Bobby McFerrin.

Spencer brings this diverse experience of somatics, embodiment, subtle energetics, the arts, and spiritual development combined with a deep sense of fun to his work. He lives with his wife and son in the Bay Area, CA.

Show notes and links

Poem: The Way It Is by William Stafford

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