Spaces Between: Al’s Musings

Attention-worthy musings to help you restore connection. Every 2 weeks.
Better-understand dis-connection.

Better-connect with and hold space for yourself.

Better-understand and live mindfully by your values.

Better-connect with and hold space for others.

Understand, design and build meaningful communities and human systems.

The practical, the philosophical and the scientific.

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In our hyperconnected-yet-fragmented and increasingly fast-paced world, it is becoming harder to focus on what matters most, and not simply what is most urgent and timely.

Al spends a great deal of time reading, listening and connecting with ideas and practices that support us in living a more connected and values-based life, practicing ‘leadership that connects’ and restoring our communities. These musings are his way of sharing ideas worth your attention in a way that respects your time.

What to expect from Spaces Between:

– A recent article of Al’s
– 3 of his favorite insights and articles about re-connecting with and holding space for ourselves, leading mindfully and holding space for others, and building meaningful communities
– Stories from the field to touch the heart
– Science to please the logical mind
– Philosophy and art to awaken the creative in you
– Practices, meditations, reflections and rituals to tend to the body
– All in a thoughtfully-structured bite-size email with links for you to dive deeper into content you’d like

A note from Al

Thank you so much for your interest in my work.

Spaces Between for me are a bite-sized way to catch ourselves and restore a sense of connection in our lives. Whilst our inboxes can be a place ripe with sales pitches, and people wanting something from us, my hope is that you find a certain kind of ‘respite’ in the emails you receive from me. Some hope, some lightness, some practical support, some clarity. I do suggest then, not even attempting to read these emails amidst the busyness of the day. Instead, set aside 5 minutes to read through when you can take it in sincerely.

Every communication is straight from me, with respect and in service.

I look forward to sharing with you and connecting further.

— Al Jeffery