Modern Tribe

Coming Home to Wholeness in Self and Society

In this time of uncertainty, and in our hyperconnected-yet-fragmented world, how can we restore meaning and connection in our own lives, our leadership and our communities? How can we re-weave a culture that supports the well-being of those within it?

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Our calendars are full but modern life can have us feeling empty, isolated, disconnected from meaningful work, the world around us and our fellow-humans.

We feel the world pulling us further away from ourselves, yet asking for more from us. Leaving us feeling both lost and lonely, whilst sitting with the pressing question of how to be in service to the world so worthy of rescue.

Modern Tribe is a beacon for renewal and a guide for homecoming. A paradigm is re-emerging, shifting the way we think about ourselves, the world and our role within it – ultimately informing a renewed way of being with ourselves and each other in the world.

Al suggests that in this time, coming home to and embracing our own human-tenderness, building the inner-capacities to hold space and celebrate others in their wholeness is our greatest gift to our own lives and communities.

Release date announced soon! Published by Hay House.

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