#34 | Psychedelic Integration and Bedding Down New Knowings — Sean O’Carroll (Wild Mind Institute)

Episode description and synopsis

Sean is a man, a voice, and a guide I’ve been tracking for some time, for his work in the eco-psychotherapy and psychedelic-assisted therapy space. Within the frame of rewilding, or de-domesticating the mind, remembering and reclaiming what Martin Shaw calls the ‘wild twin,’ the selves it can be easy to exile in our culture, we explore how both ecological re-connective practice and psychedelic-assisted therapies support us on this path of deliberately and pre-emptively meeting the wild.

As the founder and director of the Wild Mind Institute and therapist trainer in 2 of Australia’s psychedelic research trials, Sean and I dive into some of the nuances of bridging transformative process with everyday life, specifically psychedelic integration practices in ‘bedding down new knowings.’

It was an honour to share in this rich exchange with Sean, and we trust there are some fruits that fall from our conversation to support you in your journey of wholing, healing and remembering.

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Guest bio

Sean O’Carroll is an integrative psychotherapist – specialising in relational Gestalt, experiential, and transpersonal psychotherapy – in private practice 2 days a week, and runs workshops on eco-psychotherapy and psychedelic psychotherapy through the Wild Mind Institute.  He is a senior consultant to the Monash University Psychedelics team, and to St Vincent’s Hospital Mental Health in Melbourne. He is currently involved in developing and delivering training to psychotherapists working on a number of psychedelic research trials in Australia, and is also working as a therapist on three upcoming psychedelic research trials. He is currently undertaking the MAPS training in MDMA for PTSD. Sean has lectured in transpersonal psychology for 7+ years, and has a long-time specialisation in “bad trip” integration.

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