Retreats and Immersions

In-person learning journeys to help you restore connection in your life, leadership and community.

The greatest transformation takes place in the container of community, and our larger community, nature itself.

Each year Al curates and facilitates 2 multi-modal immersions taking participants on a journey through contemplative practice, wilderness-based practices, somatic and movement-based practices and group process.

One aim: to create a container for the ‘coming home,’ to self, each other and the more-than-human. To cultivate connection, and through this access the gifts, talents and creative potential alive inside.

Upcoming Immersions

Homecoming: Coming Home to Self, Others and Meaning.

⏰ Friday, May 28th – Sunday May 30th
🌍 North Warrandyte, VIC

Are you feeling called to reconnect, realign, do the ‘inner work’ and return to a deeper sense of self-compassion and wholeness?

Journey with us as we explore what it means to return to ourselves, each other and a greater sense of meaning.

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