Essay | Eros, Evolution and Moving from Psychology Toward Soul-Making — Al Jeffery

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In this episode, I read my most recent essay on “Eros, the Evolution of Life and Mind, and Moving from Psychology Toward Soul-Making.” This paper explores Eros (in its mythological and evolutionary sense) as a guiding organisational principle of life and invites us to tend to our connection to Eros as a partner in our renewal and re-engendering of relationship. 

Drawing on evolutionary biology, integral theory, attachment theory, theories of mind, developmental moral imagination, and more, I attempt to show how an Eros-(re)infused way of seeing and being might afford us great energy and direction in this time of fragmentation. 

Dive in, come to understand, and feel Eros in a renewed way. Let it animate your life and leadership. You can also download the paper here.

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