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Exploring themes of dis-connection, community,
and human potential in the 21st Century.

In service to a more joyful, sustainable
and equitable society.

Al Jeffery is a community-designer, facilitator, author,
keynote speaker and leadership virtuoso.

Growing up with a strong sense of curiosity, and a burning desire for exploration, Al has always questioned ‘normal.’ For as far back as he can remember, he has always felt the world pulling us further away from ourselves, yet asking for more from us. This led Al to beginning his entrepreneurial journey at just 12 years old, in pursuit of change.

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Al Jeffery is an internationally renowned community-designer, group-facilitator, author and leadership expert in service to our hyperconnected-yet-deeply-fragmented world. 

As Co-Founder and Director at The Base Between (formerly Base Commons), Al explores the themes of disconnection prevalent today, designs and facilitates spaces for re-connection in communities, leadership and the lives of individuals.

With his creative career starting at just 12 years old, Al has been listed in Australia’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 twice in a row and nominated for Young Australian of the Year.

Al’s forthcoming book, Modern Tribe, forms the philosophical and scientific basis for his work. In it he explores the personal and social ‘entanglements’ of our time and offers refreshed approaches to restore connection.

Recent musings from Al’s blog

  • #9: Jessica Multini — Tending To Our Internal Injustices with Ritual & Reflection
    In this spacious and tender conversation we explore how we might honour our privilege in this time, tending to the work we must do within ourselves whilst also taking wisdom-guided action. If you’re also sitting with questions surround how to show up in this time, what “sacred activism” means in this time and where to place your energy, this one might just offer some feathers for your tool-bag.
  • #8: Mac Macartney — Elderhood and ProtectingThe Children’s Fire
    Acknowledging the fragility, tenderness and humility required in this time, Mac is someone I admire for his ability to form relationships across cultures and generations to bridge worlds. He has worked with Indigenous elders over many year and has incredible insights and experience in forming mutually-beneficial relationships so as to form genuine, mutually-beneficial and reverent alliances. I share this conversation in this time, as we explore what it means to be in relationship with who Mac’s guides name The Original Elder, Earth herself. We explore what it might take to form trusted alliances across generations, races and culture; to form mentor-relationships with elders in a reverent and honouring manner and to connect to the Original Elder as our meeting place in this time. From this place, how might we tend to systemic injustices, inequalities of all manners and to difference?
  • #6: Sahana Chattopadhyay — Facilitating Emergence & Generative Communities
    In this adept conversation with a facilitator I admire greatly, Sahana Chattopadhyay and I explore the radical shift needed in the way we view organisations, communities and the role of leaders within them. We explore what might happen if we saw organisations as communities, the soft skills of facilitating emergence, befriending uncertainty, generative dialogue and self-practices for resilience. Join us for a supportive and enlivening conversation.

“Al was incredible! He brings such a presence to the room – one that engages the audience, while simultaneously providing a sense of peacefulness. The genuine connection Al creates with his audience is mesmerizing to be a part of. I would highly recommend him to any event seeking to engage and be inspired with fresh ideas and practical steps.“

Danielle DeRose, Katapult Future Festival

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