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Exploring themes of dis-connection, community,
and human potential in the 21st Century.

In service to a more joyful, sustainable
and equitable society.

Al Jeffery is a community-designer, facilitator, author,
keynote speaker and leadership virtuoso.

Growing up with a strong sense of curiosity, and a burning desire for exploration, Al has always questioned ‘normal.’ For as far back as he can remember, he has always felt the world pulling us further away from ourselves, yet asking for more from us. This led Al to beginning his entrepreneurial journey at just 12 years old, in pursuit of change.

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Al Jeffery is an internationally renowned community-designer, group-facilitator, author and leadership expert in service to our hyperconnected-yet-deeply-fragmented world. 

As Co-Founder and Director at The Base Between (formerly Base Commons), Al explores the themes of disconnection prevalent today, designs and facilitates spaces for re-connection in communities, leadership and the lives of individuals.

With his creative career starting at just 12 years old, Al has been listed in Australia’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 twice in a row and nominated for Young Australian of the Year.

Al’s forthcoming book, Modern Tribe, forms the philosophical and scientific basis for his work. In it he explores the personal and social ‘entanglements’ of our time and offers refreshed approaches to restore connection.

Recent musings from Al’s blog

  • #14: Rich Bartlett — Micro-solidarity, Growing Up and Reconditioning Our Relational Inheritance
    In a world where it can seem we have lost touch with what it means to be together, to live, work, and grow in community, practices to remember and recondition our relational patterns seem crucial.
  • #13: Spencer Honeyman — Rhythm, Music and Holding Space for the Invisible
    There is much that happens in teams, relationships and our lives that words simply cannot touch. There is much that we experience in our lives that without alternative tools to touch, we remain distant to and fragmented by. Join me in this rich dialogue with Spencer Honeyman as we explore the necessity of rhythm, music, improv-theatre and other creative practices to give voice to the transpersonal and invisible dimensions of leadership and culture. We explore the “subtle energy competency” within leadership as the ability to attune to the somatics and collective intelligence in a room.
  • #12: John Wolfstone — Queering Masculinity & the Paradox of Wholeness
    John Wolfstone and I embark on a wild journey here from an adolescent leadership, to a more integrated, humble and reverent leadership. Touching on many nuanced and subtle threads of what it means to embrace our brokenness, transition to adulthood and exist at the threshold of binaries. We land on some exciting emerging conversations around ‘queering masculinity,’ diving into what queerness and non-binary means beyond an orientation, as a state of maturation.

“Al was incredible! He brings such a presence to the room – one that engages the audience, while simultaneously providing a sense of peacefulness. The genuine connection Al creates with his audience is mesmerizing to be a part of. I would highly recommend him to any event seeking to engage and be inspired with fresh ideas and practical steps.“

Danielle DeRose, Katapult Future Festival

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