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New perspectives, mental models and emotional toolkits for the 21st Century.

“Al brings the wit and fervor of a performance artist, the wisdom and insight of a Buddhist monk and the pragmatism and acumen of a startup- CEO to spaces that are riddled with dis-connection.”

– Forbes Magazine

Al has created something magical with

Al has partnered with Google, AusPost, Telstra, IKEA, CPA, Bank Australia and more

Al Jeffery is transforming the way we live, work and gather by redefining relationships in the 21st Century.

– Listed in the Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs in Australia twice in a row

– 3 times TEDx Speaker

– Nominated for Young Australian of the Year

– National Award Winner for Clinical and Academic Excellence at IKON Institute

– Author of forthcoming book, Modern Tribe

– Featured in Forbes, Fast Company, The Age and more for his insight into innovation, regenerative culture and leadership, and relational intelligence.

– Reached over 8,000 people globally through facilitated programs since 2015.

Al’s keynotes are witty, visually-pleasing, practical and deeply-connecting.

Remain relevant, prepare for emerging futures and build cultures for complexity.

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The Industrial Era is well-gone, the Information Age is nearly there also, we are on the cusp of the Conceptual Age. The connection-economy with its purpose-driven models, networked systems, distributed authority, lean experimentation, and a generation who has lost faith in traditional operating models.

How do you lead and build an organisation to thrive in this complex, hyperconnected-yet-deeply-fragmented world? Luckily, there are some emerging and ancient insights and practices we can use to build resilience, perspective and resource.

Sharing wisdom and insight in these 4 areas

Trailblazing Work, Living and Learning

For the forward-thinkers, pioneers, those who dare to look to where we are heading and what we need to do to be ahead of the curve. Those who like to be on the cusp, the edge!

Trailblazing Leadership

This is for leaders seeking to make progress in their leadership For those who seek refreshed and effective ways of guiding and ‘stewarding’ teams in today’s (and tomorrow’s) environment.

Community and Human Systems Design

The future is communal, collaborative – we know that much! This is for those building communities, teams and groups of people. Those who want to know how to do it better, make them thrive!

Philosophy and Virtuous Living

Ideal for those seeking understanding of the inner-workings of a meaningful and values-based life, so that they can operate with greater efficacy and equanimity.

“Al was absolutely delightful to work with during our CPA Congress roadshow. Al is highly engaging and compelling in his presentation delivery that conveyed a really important and personal message on culture, connection and resilience. He held the audience’s attention captive the entire time he was on stage! After working with Al I would strongly recommend him for any future event.”

– Tiani Bradilovic, Executive, Conferences and Events, CPA Australia

So, what does Al have to say?

Re-Connect: Thriving in the 21st Century Renaissance

Community and belonging drive innovation in the 21st century economy. Here’s why and how!

–  The science of belonging and how it drives innovation
–  Build a creative culture that embraces fresh ideas
–  How leading companies are building innovative cultures

Leading Change: The Courageous Leader

Leading a team in the emerging economy requires a whole new balance of skills.

–  Insights into the future of work and how this disrupts leadership
–  What leaders are doing to stay relevant and how you can too
–  Frameworks and tools to lean into courage in your leadership

Gather: Designing Thriving Communities

In the Age of Connection, thriving brands, teams and clubs do certain things extremely well.

–  The social, economic and psychological drivers of community
–  See under the cover of thriving communities and brands
–  A clear framework for designing and activating a community

Quest for Meaning: Sense-Making and Way-Finding Perspectives

How do we make sense, find meaning and come to decisions amidst complexity? Here are some tools.

–  The inner-workings of meaning, happiness and flourishing
–  Self-knowledge and new insights into personal patterns
–  A renewed connection to purpose, values and your drivers

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