#33 | Queerness, Identity and Inhabiting Self and Soul — Eamon Armstrong (Life is a Festival)

Episode description and synopsis

In today’s episode, I had the honour of connecting in with dear brother Eamon Armstrong to explore ways of being that allow for greater degrees of integration, and soul to live through us. In a world that prizes some expressions, criticises and condemns others, it’s no wonder we become partial even to ourselves. Through an exploration of queer ways of being, masculinity, and festival culture, we touch the nerve of a broadening sense of ‘self,’ to open to more inclusive and honouring epistemologies. Diving into temperament, attachment, identity, and character we explore what it means to shape identity and a ‘peaceful not-knowing’ from the inside, rather than from outside forces. 

We share a playful energy together, and always have, and so you’ll enjoy this one full of all of its wit, wonder and banter.

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Guest bio

Eamon is a dear friend, and host of both the Life is a Festival and Psychedelic Therapy Podcasts. Through his gift as a host and community-building, he’s been tracking the threads of cultural pioneering, mental health, psychedelic medicine and healthy masculinity. I’ve admired his ability to live into the corners of the human experience often untouched.

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