#25: Paul Austin — Micro-dosing, Restoring Relationship and Living in Paradox.

Episode description and synopsis

In this episode, Paul Austin and I explore the Third Wave of psychedelic use and its role in evolving consciousness, restoring relationship, and living in paradox. Paul is the founder of The Third Wave, committed to re-normalising psychedelics in our fragmented and Newtonian world, offering ways to re-integrate these medicines in healthy, reverent and effective ways. As tools for rewilding our psyches, and moving beyond tameness that often has us other aspects of self and world, how might we enter back into relationship with wholeness?

We explore questions around whitewashing, deep reverence, de-stigmatisation, practical ‘how-tos’, and a great dose of philosophy that supports our understanding of the importance of psychedelic integration. 

Whether you are already an explorer of these realms and seeking further guidance, or looking to gain perspective on these re-emerging practices, this is a beautifully practical, political, and philosophical dance.  

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Guest bio

Paul Austin is committed to stewarding humanity 2.0, contributing to greater individual and collective well-being by normalizing responsible psychedelic use for growth and transformation. 

He founded Third Wave in 2015, with the intent to change the cultural conversation around psychedelics. They offer free education, paid online courses, and peak performance coaching, and have been featured in the BBC, Forbes, and Rolling Stone.

He was also involved in founding Synthesis, a legal psilocybin retreat just outside Amsterdam. 

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