#30: Mary Pender Greene — Reforming Racist and Oppressive Cultures from the Inside Out

Episode description and synopsis

Building cultures and places that celebrate our uniqueness, and our potentials is the work of each of us, whether we regard ourselves as business leaders, proud parents, loving friends, or contributing citizens. We find ourselves within systems of oppression, and through existing in these cultures, inherit relational patterns that support these ways of being. It is part of our work in this world, to deconstruct inequalities and weave inclusion, to come to understand how we, ourselves are supporting the perpetuation of these systems.

In this episode, we have the honour to explore these questions with Mary, who lives and breathes this work of deconstructing oppressive leadership and spaces. We explore some of the missed corridors in our own attempt to deconstruct oppressive leadership styles, and compassionately identify the ways we all may be able to enact transformative justice with more commitment and integrity. 

If you are someone hoping to unravel, decolonise, de-domesticate, and open your mind and way of relating in the world, to contribute to a more inclusive and totalising culture, this one is packed with great stories, insights and practical considerations. On the journey we go! Thank you, for committing to the work of restoring spaces for wholeness.

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Guest bio

Mary Pender Green is the President and CEO of MPG Consulting (MPGC). She is a deeply authentic, and highly regarded executive coach, trainer and psychotherapist to New York’s elite, supporting the work in reforming cultures of oppression. Her ideas and  teachings around implicit bias, structural racism, and creating inclusive, fair and respectful places have travelled and been celebrated far and wide. Through her coaching, therapy, mentoring and training, Mary supports leaders and teams in developing their anti-racist and anti-oppressive leadership style. She is the Co-Editor of Strategies for Deconstructing Racism in the Health and Human Services (2016). 

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