#24: Louka Parry — Unlearning, Re-Learning and Developing Our Social, Emotional and Cognitive Capabilities

Episode description and synopsis

If we are to thrive – personally and collectively – in the 21st century, we are asked to unlearn and relearn ways of knowing and being that are more congruent with our ecologies and the natural systems we are a part of. We are also asked to remember and honour the wisdom of our Indigenous cultures as we look for ways of belonging together and to the more-than-human world.

In this episode, Louka and I explore what it means to broaden our epistemologies, take responsibility for our own journey of unlearning and relearning as leaders, differentiating identity and character, and the power of questions to disrupt our mental models.

Adapting, building resilience, broadening our ways of knowing and understanding of ‘what is,’ and developing the internal and relational capacities for change and transformation are necessary tools for regenerative leadership in this time. We hope this conversation will support you in bringing awareness to, and accountability toward the ways you might further your journey of unlearning.

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Guest bio

Louka Parry is the CEO + Founder of The Learning Future, an organisation that supports schools, systems and companies to thrive in tomorrow’s world. As former award-winning educator, Louka works globally (in English and Spanish) and has supported tens of thousands of educators and leaders globally to increase their positive impact through socio-emotional development.

Louka brings a range of deep strategic insights as a learning architect and as a sought-after speaker and facilitator. He has worked across all Australian Education Departments and sectors, across international systems from the Dominican Republic to Romania, with corporates like PWC, Microsoft and Apple, and with not-for-profits such as Social Ventures Australia, CASEL and TED. In this age of rapid change, he is driven to transform structures, systems and societies to empower individuals to do their best work and maximise wellbeing, ultimately making our world a better place for all.

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