#16: Joshua Ackman — Money, Meaning & Funding the Emerging Future

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When money is remembered as energy, we begin to relate to it with reverence, with choice. Joshua Ackman is the former Head of Co-Investment at River Capital and is an “impact” investor I admire for his intentionality and somewhat Tantric relationship to capital – a man who is known for speaking the words love, spirit and money all in the one sentence.

In our conversation, we explore what an integrated approach to investing that includes the ‘irrational,’ emotional, and relational might look like. We also explore what opens up to us when we see money as energy flow, the fact that we are all ‘investors,’ and how aligning our values and our decisions might support the weaving of the world our hearts know is possible. 

Whether you consider yourself an investor or not just yet, we all are and this episode will support you in stepping into your investor of time, energy and money in a meaningful, values-aligned way!

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Guest bio

Investing has been Josh’s professional passion for 25 years, and creating great social outcomes has been a life long passion. In all his work Josh balances heart and mind, bringing financial discipline and analytical rigour to investments while aligning investments with each client’s values. With 25 year’s professional investment management experience, Josh spent 12 years in London, Tokyo and New York, holding senior roles at top tier firms including Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. 

Returning to Australia in 2006 Josh worked at Lehman Brothers in Sydney before returning to Melbourne in 2009 to establish the Credit Fund at River Capital. Josh was promoted to Principal at River Capital in 2015, investing and managing investments for well-known institutions, foundations and high net worth clients. 

Josh left River Capital in 2020 to help families and institutions to manage their investments to achieve the best financial and social outcomes, integrating wealth and money as an integral expression of each client’s whole self. Josh remains on the Credit Investment Committee at River Capital and also works at Whitebox Finance (Whitebox Enterprises), a leading Social Enterprise, as Head of Investment, and sits on the Investment Committee of The Village Well, a community-oriented lender based in Byron Bay.

Josh holds a Bachelor degree in Business from Monash University, and a Masters degree in Accounting & Finance from The London School of Economics.

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