#28: Jenny Andersson — Thinking as Living Systems: Epistemologies for Regeneration

Episode description and synopsis

In today’s episode, I connect with, and we get to explore with, someone I’ve admired and learned much from in the past years. Jenny’s articulation of regenerative culture and leadership, bringing together the worlds of philosophy, ecology, mythology, science, and soul-centricity has endowed my own sense of ‘regenerative practice’ with greater depth and meaning. 

We explore the roots of the mechanistic paradigm, the ways it serves and the limitations we are living in the experience of, as well as (re)-emerging epistemologies and ways-of-knowing that support a regenerative way of being in the world. The imagination, humility and the role of humiliation within our journey of maturing into stewards of the living systems we are a part of is also something we dive into with great depth, and passion. 

Here’s to moving beyond atomising ourselves and our ecologies, to restoring relationality, queering our minds and ways of perceiving self and world, and ultimately living in greater congruence with life and its invitations. 

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Guest bio

Jenny is a creative strategist and trusted advisor to CEOs in business, social enterprise and NGOs, who has worked for over 30 years with global organisations, working with brands that are accelerating a shift from sustainability to regenerative strategies.

She is currently CEO of We Activate The Future, a strategy and narrative development consultancy; and co-founder of The Really Regenerative Centre CIC – a community interest company helping business and citizens of Sussex to develop resilient, integrated, and regenerative economies and ecologies through learning initiatives.

She calls on extensive experience developing communications strategies for purpose-led brands and scale-ups to deliver world-class facilitated interventions which deliver results. She is a trained facilitator with extensive knowledge of applying a wide variety of frameworks to business change, including The Natural Step, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Future-Fit Benchmarks, and takes inspiration from her training in biomimicry for social innovation. She is a Theory U and Art of Hosting practitioner.

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