#5: Gilbert Rochecouste — Placemaking, Localism and Weaving Community in the New Story

Episode description and synopsis

Gilbert is an emerging elder, globally renowned placemaker and steward of the New Story I personally respect deeply. We’ve facilitated and shared the stage many times but rarely get a chance to dive into dialogue on the topics we care for so deeply.

In this rich conversation we explore the role of place in restoring connection, the exciting meeting of our original placemakers – our Indigenous elders – and community builders of today, “burning your own wood” and practical things we can do to re-weave our communities locally and Gilbert’s 6 pillars to the emerging new story.

This one is most-definitely for those of us feeling to play our humble role in stewarding a regenerative and life-affirming way forward. 

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Guest bio

Gilbert is founder of Village Well, a globally recognised placemaking consultancy (re)connecting people to place. He is a community catalyst and group-facilitator I personally admire greatly and have shared the stage and facilitation floor with many times.

As an emerging elder in this space and the ushering in of a New Story, Gilbert is currently sensing what elderhood is asking of him, holding circle with elders of our indigenous cultures and responding to the Great Turning of our time.

Show notes and links

Opening Poem – Rumi – There is a Field

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