#32 | Attuning to the Spirit of Place & the Ecomythic — Dr. Geoff Berry (Nature Calling)

Episode description and synopsis

If we are to restore, or re-story, our world within larger narratives that acknowledge and honour the whole, how can we be with the natural world in a learning and listening capacity? 

Dr. Geoff Berry coined the term ‘ecomythic’ to speak directly to this. 

In our conversation, we explore the ways story and deep nature connection can support us in finding ourselves in larger mythologies, they can support us in living through myths that are more inclusive. We explore the meaning of myth, how myth has come to mean misconception, as well as come of the deep nature connection practices you might tend to in order to widen the mythologies you inhabit.

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Guest bio

Dr. Geoff Berry is the Founder and Facilitator at Nature Calling, and the Course Manager at Metavision. He wrote his PhD on the symbol of light and the way this timelessly represents power, abundance and order (Monash University 2010, Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies). His MA was in Creative Literature (Deakin University 2005) and showed how our dreams connect us to deep mythic patterns. Both of Geoff’s postgraduate degrees explored the human relationship with nature and he follows through on this theme as the Australian Representative for the International Ecopsychology Society. 

Geoff has also served as the Chairperson of the Melbourne Zen Group (2005-2008), Director of Studies at the Phoenix Institute (2013-2015) and as the inaugural CEO of the South Coast Aboriginal Elders organisation (2019-2020). Geoff was an EU-funded post-doctoral researcher, spending 2012 in the south west of Ireland, and has presented and been published internationally. He is singer and lyricist with post-punk art rock band Severins, and editor for PAN: Philosophy, Nature, Activism.

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