#18: Dan Doty — Reclaiming Our Emotions and Congruency as Gift

Episode description and synopsis

What does it truly mean to reclaim our emotions, to live in integrity with our inner and outer lives in congruence? Not only supporting men in their path of healing and renewal, what does this look like as we as a culture come into community congruence? Dan is the Co-Founder at EVRYMAN and has spent many years stewarding a more integrated masculinity.

We touch on the cultural forces at play and balancing both compassion and courage in owning our work as men in restoring a culture that supports all. We also inquire into the importance of description as opposed to prescription in exploring a more inclusive and representative view on masculinity or personhood.

This one’s not just for those who identify as men, it’s for anyone swimming in our culture in this time.

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Guest bio

Dan Doty is a coach, mentor and Co-founder of EVRYMAN which has been named the “crossfit for your emotions” by the New York Times. Supporting men come back into relationship with their emotions, their hearts and their sense of inner-fulfillment is what Dan does so very well!

EVRYMAN is a community, podcast, series of immersions, drop-in groups and more for those who identify as men to support them on their journey into congruence with their inner-world.

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