#17: Christine Owenell — Leader as Listener, Regeneration & Alchemising Chaos

Episode description and synopsis

Whether you’re leading an organisation, team, or not, we’re all leading in many ways – in our lives, our loves and our work. Maybe, it’s the claiming of our role as stewards and leaders that is in many ways our step into being of service with integrity. Honouring the impact our very being-in-the-world has on our concentric circles of relationship. Christine is an executive coach, alchemist and advocate for regenerative leadership and culture. 

Both with a vision for a world where the words ‘love,’ ’soul,’ ‘money,’ ‘profit’ and ‘business’ are spoken often in the same sentence in leadership conversations, we explore the power of ‘listening as midwifery,’ the courage to abandon outcomes, humility in leading amidst the unknown and familiarising ourselves with play as a way of courting the muse and building a relationship to disorder and unknowing. 

This one’s juicy, has many hidden nuggets and many moments of ‘pregnant silence.’ To leadership, love and living in ways that hold more of the whole. 

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Guest bio

Christine Owenell is an executive coach, teamwork facilitator, offsite wizard, and purpose economist.

She is the creator of Alchemy of Chaos, which is a group program experience for high-level leaders, a podcast, and a forthcoming book.

Christine’s work supports deep behavioural change through experiential strategy and elevating self-awareness. She is an advisor to the Kauffman Fellows, serves on the Leadership Council of the Women Business Collaborative, and spent several years as a Global Shaper commissioned by the World Economic Forum. Christine has coached leaders at Slack, WeWork, Vanderbilt, SC Johnson, Ticketmaster, Radiology Partners, Pure Storage, Northwestern Mutual, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Cloud9, Grameen Bank, and others.

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