#31: Asher Packman — Story, Myth and Renewing a Mythopoetic Imagination

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In our world of bits and bobs, parts and objects, them and us, what is it that binds us, reminding us of our inter-weaving, and our nature as relational, systemic, and intertwined beings? How can we tell a different Story of Me, of Us and of Now, that acknowledges the in-between, the rich space between us? 

My dear friend Asher Packman and I dive into the role of the mythopoetic in restoring the world, or re-storying the world. We explore the roots of the mythopoetic resurgence within the menswork movement and beyond, what it offers us in relation to integrating more of the whole into our self and cultural imagination, as well as ways to re-awaken the mythos in our own practices. How can we truly experience poetry, and the poetics, calling on our many faculties so as to not hear the voices of mythos through ears of logos? 

A rich storyteller, and weaver of worlds, Ash and I have been very excited to share this one with you and hope it may be a reminder and torch of possibility for what a mythopoetic ontology might afford us in our restoring of wholeness in ourselves, and in our world.

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Guest bio

Over the last decade, Asher Packman has grown to become a renowned mentor, meditation teacher and guide. An avid scholar of Jungian concepts, neoshamanism, epigenetics, social psychology, and the mythopoetic, he combines heart intelligence and storytelling to reconnect you to your own true nature. He is the Founder of Warrior Within, a global community of men supporting each other in better serving life, as well as the current President of Meditation Australia. To add to the complex web of depth within Asher, he is also a certified HeartMath and Wim Hof Method instructor. Much more on Asher’s deeply heartfelt and inspiring story can be found here

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