#4: Dr. Arne Rubinstein — Ritual, Integration and the Death of Normal

Episode description and synopsis

Timely, potent and deeply personable, friend and fellow facilitator, Dr. Arne Rubinstein from the Rites of Passage Institute and I explore the core elements of an initiatory rites of passage process.

Mapping it against our collective ‘container’ of change, also known as COVID-19, we explore the roles of ritual, storytelling, community honoring and reckoning with the death of something within and between us.

Keeping our minds and hearts both in the practical and philosophical, we explore some of the practicalities of ritual-design and how to facilitate your own rituals for transition, as well as the invisible and liminal space of the unknown, apprenticing ourselves to what we are being beckoned to become. 

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Guest bio

Dr. Arne is a globally recognised facilitation expert and keynote speaker on the topics of Rites of Passage, adolescent development, parenting, corporate leadership and transformational processes.

Over 150,000 people world wide have attended the programs he helped to create. He brings his 30 years of experience as a medical doctor, mentor and workshop facilitator to design programs for schools, businesses and families.

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Opening Poem – Seventeen

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