Weave by Gather

A manifesto for re-connecting

Our children will not tell tales of conference calls, meetings, mergers or acquisitions.

They will not praise apathetic companies, industrial pollution or the ownership of ‘things’.

All that will echo in the years of history what we chose to do for our future.

How, as our cleverness increased, so too did our kindness.As technology expanded, so too did our consciousness.

How we travelled the distance between us. Our conversations carving new paths, as we chose to embrace the messy, the complex and the vulnerable.

How we held space for one another to heal old wounds, and create space for a new story to emerge.

How we swam through the unknown, through the murky waters, journeying closer to understanding and living together with humility.

It might feel new, maybe even unrecognisable, yet we’ve been there before.

Take a sacred pause between your breaths.

Inhale… Exhale…

Remembering that presence is the immunity from haste, the rush, the never enough. A moment to rekindle connection to community – a base from which we carve our new story.

People no longer statistics, but stories interwoven of joy and pain, and overcoming. Places no longer destinations for transaction. Now living tributes to the cultures before, within and beyond us.

Each of us stewards, and ambassadors for the new now. With courage and compassion, weaving the culture we want to live.

We dream beyond ourselves and remember where we’ve been.

Hurling our hearts into the space between.

Reweaving our fabric and renewing our inner lives; we rekindle community as we navigate transition in the 21st Century. This is The Base Between.

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