Al’s Musings Archive

An archive of Al's recent muse-letters for you to wander on through.

08/10/19 – Silence is a great solution.

Musings on asking for what you need, hierarchy vs power and liberal evolution.

24/09/19 – Balancing our addictive-doing.

Musings on unworthiness, transformation vs manipulation and top-down community leadership.

10/09/19 – What it really means to ‘hold space.’

Musings on the realities of ‘holding space,’ rules for building communities and finding belonging.

27/08/19 – The beautiful trap of belonging.

Musings on the shadow of community, befriending our whole selves and rumbling with courage.

13/08/19 – Why you need to define enough.

Musings on ‘enough,’ restoring our listening capacity and building community.

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