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Homecoming: Re-connect with Self, Others and Meaning

August 13 – 15
North Warrandyte

A 3-day Quest for 10 people to journey through ritual, sound, breath, movement, group process, and contemplative practice toward a greater sense of wholeness in self and relationship.

Find out more and register here.

Spaces Between Podcast

#27: Henry Fowkes — Validation, Co-Regulation and Midwifing the Magic in Groups

#26: Heather Plett — From Hijacking to Liberating: The Art of Holding Space

The Pause, Sensing the Invitation & 1:1 Depth-Work

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Here’s to a world that honours and restores wholeness, justice and renewal from the inside-out.

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Find A Balance Between Being and Doing
(Insight Timer 10-Day Course)

Articles and Musings

Reclaiming Our Worthiness of Stillness (Why it is necessary and “how to”).

3 Powerful Self-Reflection Rituals for the New Year! (a 360-degree reflection model)

Meditations and Contemplations

My free guided meditations on Insight Timer

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