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Anti-Racism Resources

As we take responsibility for what’s ours, unlearn, re-learn and take ourselves on our own Sacred Activism journey, here are some resources I’ve found useful:

A directory of Anti-Racism Resources for White People
(full of podcasts, docos, videos, articles and more)

Homecoming: Being Together in Times of Transition
(at-home retreat)

Saturday, July 18th
9:30am – 2:30pm (AEST)

Join Ryan Mannix and I for a half-day at-home retreat exploring practices and perspectives for grounding in this time. Finding clarity, connecting to compassion and discerning what our own ‘sacred activism’ looks like as we transition out of lockdown.

Learn more and register here

Guided Integration and Self-Reflection Process

A 20-minute guided self-reflection and integration process to support you in cultivating insight and compassion post (or amidst) lockdown.

Join me on Insight Timer here

Spaces Between Podcast

Join me in conversation, subscribe and share if you feel to 😃
Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Articles and Musings

Reclaiming Our Worthiness of Stillness (Why it is necessary and “how to”).

3 Powerful Self-Reflection Rituals for the New Year! (a 360-degree reflection model)

Online Courses and Offerings

Find A Balance Between Being and Doing

Meditations and Contemplations

My free guided meditations on Insight Timer

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