Audio-Visual Requirements

Get the best value from Al's contribution, and gift a powerful experience to your participants.
Al is a very adaptable and flexible fella…

However, to get the best value from his contribution to your event (and deliver a powerful experience to your participants), we do recommend adopting the recommendations below.

Al runs his MacBook Pro from the stage with a direct HDMI input along with a headset or lapel microphone.


Al runs his MacBook directly from the stage (via HDMI)

Al brings his own MacBook to all presentations and does require a direct HDMI input from the front of the room (no adapters please).  By running the MacBook from the stage, there are no issues with the specifics fonts or videos he uses, and it also means he can adjust the presentation as required to suit the room. He also does not provide presentation slides before or after the engagement.

Note: Al will also sometimes request a flipchart and markers (please make sure they are the thick markers) depending on audience size and content covered.


Al will need a wireless headset or lapel microphone.

Al uses his hands, moves around on stage, and interact with each and every audience he meets. It’s therefore preferable if there is a wireless headset mic available. Preferably the thin ones that loop around both ears, as the single ear ones seem to jingle around and sometimes can fall off on stage (eeek!).

If a wireless headset mic is not available, a wireless lapel microphone will do.


Al will need a raised table, water and a bar stool.

A tall table on stage for Al to place his MacBook on, some water and a bar stool for those intimate story-telling moments are Al’s essentials on stage. He does also like it when he can see and therefore interact with the room, so if possible, lighting on the audience is also very much appreciated.


Al has curated, designed and produced a world-wide event series, intimate team gatherings and offsite retreats before; so he is here to help you make your event as meaningful and rememberable as possible (whether just for his contribution, of your whole event). Once you’re working together, Al is committed to the success of your event! So if you ever have any questions, queries, or would like to bounce ideas around to add some spice and vigor to the event, please make sure to be in touch with Al.

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