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Guidance and Resources for Holding Space in the time of Coronavirus

Musing: Poetry as Listening (and why this matters during COVID-19)

Resource: Bloom Journal – Guided Self-Reflection Process
Whilst we aren’t transitioning from one year to the next, we are most certainly in transition. Take this time as an opportunity to reflect and re-connect!

Meditation: A Simple Breathing Meditation – Find Grounding Within Yourself

Meditation: Befriending Ourselves – A Simple Self-Compassion Meditation

Meditation: Arriving in Wholeness and Self-Acceptance – Soften into Yourself in this Time

Meditation: Meeting Vulnerability with Compassion – Cultivate Tenderness Towards Yourself

10-day Course: Find A Balance Between Being and Doing

Articles and Musings

Reclaiming Our Worthiness of Stillness (Why it is necessary and “how to”).

3 Powerful Self-Reflection Rituals for the New Year! (a 360-degree reflection model)

Retreats and In-Person Programs

Homecoming: Re-connect with Self, Each Other and a Greater Sense of Meaning

“Haikus for Re-connecting” Artworks
Daring To Venture Beyond My Separate Self Art Print

Daring To Venture Beyond My Separate Self (Art Print)

Online Courses and Offerings

Find A Balance Between Being and Doing

Meditations and Contemplations

My free guided meditations on Insight Timer

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