"Definitely one of the most inspiring, engaging and thought-provoking speakers we've had on our stage!"

Facilitating spaces for human potential, inter-generational community and creative progress!

Growing up with the question of ‘why are we where we are?’ tugging at his conscience, Al has been on a mission for the last 10 years. Here’s a look at what drives Al and the projects and work he is birthing into the world.

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Al's Projects and Creations

Modern Tribe

We live in a time of many great unknowns. Systems – social, political, ecological and financial – are in transition. In this time of uncertainty, fragmentation and a sense of cultural depression, how do we live, lead and love with more meaning and presence? Al suggests that in this time, the quality of presence is our greatest gift to our own lives, communities and planet. A guidebook and memoir, Modern Tribe is a gentle hand to hold you as you wander back home to presence and compassion in the modern world. Read Modern Tribe here.

Realise Flow

Founder and Facilitator
Bringing community back to personal growth. Realise Flow is a media platform and community-centred facilitation organisation empowering purpose-driven people and organisations to greater wellbeing and performance. This is Al’s channel to share his media around human performance and also facilitate his workshops, retreats and coaching. Learn more about Realise Flow here.

Base Commons

Founder and Facilitator of People and Culture
Base exists to facilitate curated experiences and regenerative coliving spaces, cultivating¬†human potential and creative progress. Base operates in Melbourne and is pioneering Australia’s first urban coliving space. This is Al’s way to create systemic change within living models and to create spaces that foster wellbeing, community, innovation and regeneration. Learn more about Base Commons here.

"Al's genuine passion and enthusiasm is inspiring. His innate ability to reflect on past learnings, allows him to evolve and constantly improve his approach to each new venture. Definitely recommend him as a speaker or facilitator for any audience wanting authentic stories and clear actions!" - Maree Schipano, AusPost

Happy Clients of Al's

Al has worked with many organisations and communities around the world to help them build spaces and places that nurture human potential, inter-generational community and emergent innovation! Here’s a few he has served.

Let's create spaces for potential and creative progress!

Al’s¬†speaking topics can be found on this page.

Here’s a few of his accolades:


15/8/17: Coliving in Australia @ Planning Institute Australia (Perth)
28/9/17: Coliving and Cultural Architecture @ URBANITY ’17 (Brisbane)
24/10/17: High-performing Intergenerational Teams @ AHRI State Conference
01/11/17: Goal Setting and Mindfulness @ WeTeachMe (Melbourne)
1-3/12/17 : Modern Tribe Retreat (Seymour, Victoria)
5/5/18: Self-leadership @ Youth Affairs Council Victoria
18/5/18: Katapult Future Fest (Oslo, Norway)
11/7/18: Remembering WHY @ Youth Affairs Council Victoria
18/10/18: Dare to be Vulnerable @ CPA Australia

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